Robert Haig Coxon


The 1 Field & BEYOND - Robert Haig Coxon 

19 videos, over 100 minutes, never before seen.
 Watch a series of EXCLUSIVE, stunning, inspiring interviews with the
   musician Robert Haig Coxon.
 Download the original music composed for The 1 Field movie.

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Can music heal?
Can music prevent bullying in school?
Can music elevate my energy vibration?
Can music help me reach Peak Performance?
Can music connect me to THE FIELD?
What is a Soul Masterpiece?

Find answers to these questions and much more.
Learn about scientific experiments done to test the effect of music.
Over 100 minutes with Robert Haig Coxon behind the piano explaining and playing divine music.

Robert Haig Coxon: "My intent in creating this album is to provide the listener with a powerful and profound experience of The 1 Field energy and enable them to reconnect with the essence of wisdom coming forth through this film."

Robert Haig Coxon

Composer, Performer, Canada’s best-selling New Age artist
Has sold over half a million copies of his instrumental albums.
Performs studies on healing through sound and music. 
Changing people's lives with playing their one of a kind Soul Masterpiece.

Playing music with Lee Carroll/Kryon, and created the music for The 1 Field.

Some of the CD reviews:

"Overwhelming sense of well-being "

"Emotionally uplifting, soothing, uplifts vibratory frequency, Inspirational "

"Accessing a new or different part of the consciousness or BEING "

"Breath of fresh air coming in: moving,clearing, growing, accessing and nourishing our greatest potential"
"Journey of transformation"

"Voyage into another realm; where we were all supposed to have gone but did not yet know the way
I felt as if I had been taken to another planet, shown secrets of other worlds, other existences, in the gentlest way "

"So incredibly significant for this time in our evolution. Now. Being in the NOW. "

"Fully aware, accountable and ready to realize our greatest potential "

"It was like receiving psychic surgery… Soothing, subtle yet bold. Non-invasive yet life-altering "

"I feel like I just got abducted and brought back New and Improved!"

CD Track list

1. Mujeres del sur
2. Movement
3. Origins
4. Constantineand the healer
5. Atoms
6. Physics of consciousness
7. Generating Numbers
8. This must be India
9. Near to me
10. DNA
11. Carlos' Mom
12. Divine Feminine
13. The 1 Bridge
14. Remembering God
15. The Lattice
16. Colour is coming
17. Beings
18. Mount Hermon
19. The FieldWants Harmony
20. Wishes, Desires
21. The Healing Heart
22. Darkness and Light
23. Im going to Love You
24. Be U Be Love Vocal

Coxon & Beyond - Selected chapters

What experiments have been done that show the effect of your music on the listeners?

Have experiments supervised by scientists been tried?
Harmonies? Frequencies?
How do harmonies affect the body?

Is there specific music for manifesting or to heal parts of the body?

Can music uplift me to higher dimensions
Are there any examples of the healing power of your music?

How does your music helps people to be the MASTER of their lives rather than VICTIMS?

How did you meet Lee Carroll
How do you know when to start playing, if you have no idea what he is going to say?

What is THE FIELD?

How do you create music for people you've never met?

Soul Masterpiece on the stage - LIVE demonstration performed on stage.

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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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