John Stuart Reid 


The 1 Field & BEYOND - John Stuart Reid 
7 videos, 150 minutes, never before seen 

A series of the world’s
 first live experiments on human blood in real time!

 Download the secret 26 minutes soundtrack that 
revived the red blood cells

Download two authoritative books on the history of Sound Therapy and Music Medicine by John Stuart Reid

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Download MP3 of the music played to the blood
26 minutes of the soundtrack that Anders and Cacina performed during the experiment shown in THE 1 FIELD film.
These are the vocals and music that was recorded in real-time in John's lab on 26 August 2019 and revived dying red blood cells, giving them new life!
Download two articles by John Stuart Reid
This copy of two articles of Sound Therapy 101 and 201 that distill in easy-to-understand language the history of sound therapy and music medicine, and the biological mechanisms.

Live Experiments 
Watch six videos with an overall length of 103 minutes, which include rare documentation of a full two-day session in which The 1 Field crew traveled with Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu to John's laboratory in Cumbria, England. 

It was a powerful experience that began with a ride on roads and unpaved roads in order to find the lab located in a remote area, in the heart of the English Lake District and amazing beauty of nature. 

We knew we were going to conduct unique experiments with human blood for the first time, and we did not have any insurance certificate that we would have positive results to document. The tension between the experiments, the course of the experiments, the surprise, and the astonishing results, are reflected in all the frames documented in August 26, 2019.
Interview with John Stuart Reid
Watch an interview with John Stuart Reid in which he describes his journey to Egypt and the moment that changed the course of his life forever and led him to invent the CymaScope instrument, a new type of device that makes sound visible.

In this interview, John also provides us with a deeper understanding of the CymaScope device he invented, how music and sound can heal, the shapes formed in water as a result of exposure to sounds, and of course he describes the experiments we performed and the meaning of the results.

Behind the Scenes
Watch videos that were taken using the crew's cell phone camera.

View photos from the days of photography and the charming views of the lakes and forests in the Cumbria region.

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John Stuart Reid

Acoustic-physics scientist
John Stuart Reid is an acoustic-physics scientist. He has studied the physics of sound for four decades and is a respected authority in the field of cymatics.

He is one of only two people to have studied the acoustics of the
Great Pyramid and in 1997 he conducted a series of ground-breaking experiments in the pyramid’s King’s Chamber which led him to invent the CymaScope instrument, a new type of device that makes sound visible. 

Having experienced a significant healing of his lower back during his acoustics study of the Great Pyramid he began research into the field of Sound Therapy, which continues to the present day.

The Story
In August 2019, only four months before the debut screening of
 "The 1 Field", director Tsipi Raz decided to take a potentially huge risk:  to give a chance to another experiment on camera one that seemed almost impossible to achieve, yet if successful, would have far reaching benefits for humanity. 
The risks involved investing many thousand of dollars at a time when funding was hard to come by.

The purpose of the experiment was to examine if it's possible to identify the impact of live music on blood in a test tube. 
In other words – if we sing to a blood sample, will we see an effect? Obviously if we detect an impact on blood outside the human body in a test tube, presumably there will be the same impact on blood in the body, i.e., on the person.

Thus we set out on August 26, the production crew with Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu, to John Stuart Reid's lab in the heart of the wild landscape in Cumbria, England. 

We traveled to an unknown and mysterious destination with great risk, but also the potential to be groundbreakers in the first experiment of its kind, let alone historic.

We invite you to view detailed documentation, minute by minute of the journey to unfold the impact of live music on a blood sample, on water and the immense significance of the findings we uncovered.

What people say about John Stuart Reid?

"Organised dynamical behaviour is more the province of biology than of physics and will require different tools of investigation than are standard in physics. The CymaScope may be one such tool. It is not just a new scientific instrument but new science as well and I suspect a new field of maths.”

[Emeritus] Professor Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, previously Professor of Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory.

"I first encountered the CymaScope in November 2016 when its developer, John Stuart Reid, gave a lecture at the 11th Water Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
I found his lecture on the Holographic Properties of Water to be inspirational, highlighting the potential for the CymaScope instrument. So much so that upon my return to the USA I began to investigate how I could digitize this important new scientific tool, which would allow me and other scientists to analyze Cyma Glyphs quantitatively.”

Professor Sungchul Ji, Rutgers University.
“I met John Stuart Reid two years ago at a seminal conference in London; his presentation and demonstration impressed me very deeply because I understood that we normally separate science and art….and here for me it was elite science and elite art, indivisible. I hope very much you will get not only new knowledge but pleasure from his lecture.”

Professor Vladimir Voeikov, Chair of Bioorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

"It is my great pleasure to honour John Stuart Reid with this award for his contributions to the field of Cymatics. Projects with his invention, the CymaScope, include making the sound of our Sun visible, which became part of an exhibit at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum. Effects of his work have far reaching benefits for many. John, on behalf of the International Sound Therapy Association and Cyma Technologies it is my privilege to present this award for your extraordinary efforts and contributions to our Cymatic World.’
Dr. Mandara Cromwell, president, International Sound Therapy Association—presenting an award in 2015.

"I'd like to acknowledge that John Stuart Reid is an extraordinary researcher of sound--one of the best on the planet. He's knowledgeable and affable. His pioneering work and teachings are truly monumental. And he'd be a great addition to the Shift Network of teachers to do a course on Sound Therapy."

Jonathan Goldman, founder of Sound Healers Association

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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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