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Can we create balance and peace within ourselves and The Field?
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September 21st, 2022

New York - 01:00 PM
Pacific - 10:00 AM
London - 06:00 PM
Israel - 08:00 PM
India- 10:30 PM
Experiment explanation  
In this first ever live mass experiment, the effect of Kryon’s message from another dimension will be measured on human beings and on the field. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this profound live experiment where we will measure the effect of Kryon’s message, that comes from the world beyond, and the effect on those tuning in!

Lee Carroll

The event will be hosted by Lee Carroll, whose journey throughout Israel was documented in "The 1 Field". 
During the Kryon Israel Tour there was an unforgettable moment where an incredible field of coherence was measured right at the onset of the Kryon channel
Specifically, a REG (Random Event Generator) was placed at the front of the stage at the Habima Theatre during the Kryon Conference. 

The measuring device demonstrated the formation of a unified energy field of the 900 people in the audience right at the onset of channeling. 

Imagine what we can do for the planet together on September 21? Interested? We sure hope so.

Now, for the first time ever, Lee Carroll will channel and bring Kryon’s message to thousands of people who will connect online and together they will attempt to create balance and peace within themselves and the cells in their bodies, and balance and peace in the field.

Monika Muranyi

The actual live experiment will be facilitated by Monika Muranyi in a brief meditation before the Kryon channel begins, so that the participants will be focused on actively listening and participating in Kryon’s message during the experiment.

The broadcast will be hosted from Medical Care Integrative Hospital in Israel, a center for physical and mental healing that combines diverse methods from the field of integrative medicine and is adapted to cancer patients and other autoimmune diseases who want to return to a balanced, happy, and healthy life. 
Just recently the findings of a study came in that were phenomenal.

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov

In addition, Professor Konstantin Korotkov will honor us with his presence. 
Professor Korotkov also featured in "The 1 Field" and is a brilliant Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics. 

With 30 years of research, 200 published papers, and 17 patents for inventions in the biophysics field, he is considered one of the top experts on new medical technologies. Notably, he has created a scientific line called Electrophotonics which permits a specialist to view human energy fields, facilitating the diagnosis of bodily imbalances and dysfunctions.

We will "measure" this experiment with various tools that show gauges from different disciplines of science and we will want to examine if there will be a correlation between the many devices and what it might mean.

You're one of us, share this event so we could reach over 5000 participants and do our part in uniting the world.

Tsipi Raz - Director
And the team of “The 1 Field