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The 1 Field & Beyond

Discover the hidden narratives and exclusive content that didn't make it to "The1Field" movie. From unseen videos capturing historic journeys to groundbreaking live experiments, these episodes offer a unique and compelling glimpse into the untold stories of scientific exploration. Join us on a concise yet enriching journey through " The1Field & Beyond."

Tsipi Raz

The 1 Field & Beyond series

The 1 Field & BEYOND - John Stuart Reid

A series of the world’s
 first live experiments on human blood in real time!
7 videos, 150 minutes, never before seen !
 Download the secret 26 minutes soundtrack that
revived the red blood cells

The 1 Field & BEYOND - Anders Holte

Download the CD 
”Dream Of The Blue Whale”
Three ”Live” Concerts
Watch exclusive
Interview with Anders Holte

The 1 Field & BEYOND - Robert Haig Coxon

19 videos, over 100 minutes, never before seen.
 Watch a series of EXCLUSIVE, stunning, inspiring interviews with the
   musician Robert Haig Coxon.
 Download the original music composed for The 1 Field movie.

The 1 Field & BEYOND - Lee Carroll

21 videos, 500 minutes never before seen!
All the channeling and presentations of Lee Carroll (Kryon) during the historic "Peace in Israel" journey

of the Healing Premiere and experience the first ever Healing Circle of Twelve meditation with Kryon.

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