Can we awaken the heart of humanity and raise the vibration of the global field environment?

Raising Vibrations: Global Coherence Experiments
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September 21st, 2023

New York - 01:00 PM
Pacific - 10:00 AM
London - 06:00 PM
Israel - 08:00 PM
India- 10:30 PM
Embarking on a journey of raising vibrations on a global scale, we invite you to participate in a series of experiments designed to gauge the power of collective human intention. 
Our goal is to investigate whether intentionally radiating love, compassion, and cooperation can enhance the vibration of the global field environment.

Aiming for Personal and Collective Coherence
This exploration isn't limited to a single experiment but expands across a series of experiments conducted monthly. 
This approach allows us to comprehend and assess the impact of our heart's intentional vibrations over time. 

From June to December, on every 21st of the month at 8 pm Israel time, we convene for an hour under the esteemed guidance of the HeartMath Institute team. 

Each gathering is a unique opportunity for us to experiment with creating personal and collective coherence, targeting the goal of raising vibrations across our global field environment.

Assessing the Impact on the Global Field
Each gathering is a unique opportunity to create coherence within ourselves and collectively, as we aspire to raise vibrations globally.
 As the year concludes, we will evaluate the effects of these experiments on the vibrational state of the global field environment.

Join the Journey
Our journey has begun with the first experiment on June 21, 2023. Join us as we endeavor to harness the power of collective intention in raising vibrations and enhancing global coherence.

Khadijih Mitchell

Khadíjih's early upbringing as a Bahá’í laid the foundation for her to first experience the essence of interconnectedness and witness the global call for unity and love.
She has formal training in psychology, physics, mathematics, education, yoga, and energy work, along with informal explorations into the heart, mysticism, and spirituality.

During her time as a college instructor, she integrated the HeartMath Experience into her physics classroom, helping to foster a stress-free deep learning environment.  
For over two years she consistently hosted Sacred Heart Group Meditations, intended to uplift the consciousness of the planet and pulse love into the world.

She serves as a Meditation Guide, Intuitive Mentor, and Connection Field Coherence, Operations Manager, dedicating herself to guiding individuals and communities into their hearts and a unified life.

Khadíjih's ongoing commitment extends to her work in the Connection Field Online Membership Community, where she helps foster unity and coherence within the collective. Additionally, through her one-on-one work with clients, she guides individuals towards inner harmony, and living a deeply heart-centered life.

About the HeartMath Institute

“Our mission is to help awaken the heart of humanity”

Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools that help people reduce and avoid stress while experiencing increased peace, satisfaction and self-security. 

Research at the HeartMath Institute shows that, adding heart to our daily activities and connections produces measurable benefits to our own and others’ well-being.

Participation Essentials: Downloading the App**
Where the Experiment Takes Place**
As always, our experiment invites the comfort and convenience of your home as the setting. All our gatherings occur online and are broadcast via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing you to participate from your own living room.
Our Measuring Tool: The HeartMath Institute App
This time, we have a special tool to measure our progress in raising vibrations—the HeartMath Institute's app. This application is available for free download and serves as our main instrument for gauging the effects of our collective coherence.

If you have an apple phone, go to App Store
If you have an android go to Google Play
Type: Global Coherence and then press search.
Click to begin to download the App on your mobile device.
Joining the Experiment Group
After downloading the app, search for Global Group 👉 Global Events 👉 Global Coherence Experiment #4 with The 1 Field and join us in this pioneering endeavor. To assist you, you can watch a series of detailed explanatory videos on using the application. Access these resources here: [Global Coherence Tutorials]

Important: Registering and Granting Permissions
During your registration process, it is crucial that you:

1. Check the box that permits us to use your HRV data anonymously for research purposes.

2. Enable alerts.

This is an important step to ensure the full functionality of the app and to facilitate our collective experimentation.
We look forward to our fourth experiment on September 21. Together, let's explore the power of heart coherence in raising vibrations.

Final Details: Simplifying Participation
Start Time and Platforms
The event is scheduled to commence at 8 pm Israel time
We'll be broadcasting live on multiple platforms to ensure easy access. 
• Facebook 
• YouTube 
• Zoom 
Using the App during the Event
Each participant is expected to use their smartphone during the experiment. 
Prior to the event, please ensure you've downloaded and familiarized yourself with the HeartMath Institute's app. This ensures a smooth experience during the experiment.
Guidance and Support
While we will not be able to answer individual questions during the live event, a segment with an explanation will be broadcast.
If any queries arise, we encourage you to reach out to us before or after the event.
Together, let's journey towards raising vibrations and enhancing global coherence.

Special Guest

Robert Haig Coxon

A musical opening chord to prepare for an exciting event will be given by Robert Coxon. Robert is a Composer, Producer, Arranger & Pianist, and he is the composer of The 1 Field movie.

Michal Milgrom Mor

The event will be hosted by Michal Milgrom Mor
Michal developed the MetaFeelings method – awareness of a new reality. Mentor, facilitator, medium, consciousness researcher and teacher

Special thanks
Thanks to Yanir and Hagit  Shavit and NutriD Company for sponsoring and supporting this series of experiments.

Tsipi Raz - Director
And the team of “The 1 Field